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Got PV Incentive??

Connecticut Residential PV program has ended...

But several state and federal incentives are still here..!.

Burrington's Solar Edge  (ELC #0195608-PV1)
chosen as an eligible dealer/installer for  State of Connecticut

we look forward to helping you make it all happen

There has been a lot of interest-
so, your patience is appreciated as we try to respond to each in order of receipt
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                getting started   


Is PV right for me?
Before scheduling a site visit, the owners should review their buildings and property for areas
with south-southwest facing surfaces that have full sun exposure (at minimum) from 9 AM to 3 PM year round.
Partial shading from dormers, chimneys, vents, wiring, and vegetation have a dramatic impact
on solar electric production, and should stay outside this area.

                PV saves me money?
To help us better answer the question of "how much will I save" on my electric bill,
you'll need to provide us with some details from monthly statements such as Kwhr and daily use information.

                                   Can I have some power even when others do not?
Another item that the owner may wish to consider is if they wish to have some "back-up" power
for any times of utility outages. Critical loads such as well pump, boiler/furnace circulators/blowers,
sump pump, home office or security systems are examples that may need power to continue to operate.
The simplest public utility "grid-tie" systems are intended to completely shut down
along with the public utility grid, but the choice of a slightly different inverter and a few batteries
can offer a connection which both interacts with the utility grid and yet provides some emergency power as needed

What's it going to Cost?
The "generic" retail price of an installed grid-tie only system averages $4-7/watt--that means that a contract written
for a 1000 watt (1Kw) PV system may be $7000. But, after a full 30% federal income tax credit, your out of pocket
cost is only $4900 for the 1000 watts PV (1 kW)

However, unique situations (adding battery back-up or customized equipment),
difficult installations (high roofs,long wire runs)
,or, volatile equipment markets (unexpected price increases due to PV equipment shortages),
could mean as much as $10/watt. ($10,000 list price-with~$6678 net "out of pocket expense"). Although
perfect orientation, angle, and lack of shading imply an estimated $460/kW Connecticut incentive,
a less than perfect situation would result in a lower incentive.

Lease programs and ownership by third parties are alternative methods of installation finance
which do not require a large initial payment, but will forefit the State incentives and federal income tax deduction.

Where's the fine print ?

   You may have noticed under the various  program description web pages
a site analysis is required as part of the application documents.

Our discounted fee for this is $95.00 for an initial, formal,visit which is credited
towards near-future purchases from Burrington's Solar Edge.

In addition, you will submit proof of a HERS score from a home energy audit within the last five years.
(email and telephone inquires are
at no charge)

You cannot receive incentives for a system larger than your usage history, and 
systems larger than 10kW will have a smaller incentive available. In exchange for state monies,
you will agree to monitor the system production and will assign
your ownership of RECs ( Renewable Energy Credits) to the Green Bank

(Should you require a formal write-up of the site analysis for one of the other vendors, the cost is presently $295.00)

 "Neither Home Energy Solutions,  CT GREEN BANK, Connecticut Innovations, Inc., nor the State of\par Connecticut: (1) endorses the workmanship of any Eligible Installer nor (2) guaranties, warranties, or in any way represents or assumes liability for any work proposed or carried out by an Eligible Installer. Additionally,CT GREEN BANK is not responsible for assuring that the design, engineering and construction of the project or installation of any PV system is proper or complies with any particular laws, regulations, codes, licensing,certification and permit requirements, or industry standards.CT GREEN BANK does not make any representations of any kind regarding the results to be achieved by the PV system or the adequacy or safety of such measures."

Thank you for considering this new way to
and we look forward to exploring your project with you as soon as possible.

Do you have a solar question or wish to try a "solar rooftop" without the old style racks?


PV as part of the roofing? or skin on the RV?

please leave messages for Gail Burrington  (a NABCEP certified PV professional)

at Burrington's SOLAR EDGE   (CT ELC #0195608-PV1)
6 Reed Circle
Windsor Locks, CT. 06096-1214 

 E-mail: solaredge@yahoo.com

........We'd be happy to help you make a little SOLAR SENSE !!!******and to be part of a wiser future

Burrington's Solar Edge owner, Gail Burrington,
was the FIRST Connecticut resident to achieve the national recognition of "Certified PV installer" by NABCEP(tm)
and a recent recipient of the National Rebecca Vories award from the AMERICAN SOLAR ENERGY SOCIETY



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